No VESA Mounting Holes: What Should I Do?

When searching for a mount to affix your TV or monitor to a wall or desk, you’ll inevitably come across the term “VESA”. VESA, an acronym for Video Electronics Standards Association, pertains to the standard mounting sizes for TVs and monitors. But what if there are no VESA mounting holes on your TV or monitor? Don’t panic. Even without the standard VESA mounting holes, there are still ways to get your device mounted securely.

VESA Adapters: A Convenient Solution
For devices without VESA mounting holes, VESA adapters are often the best starting point. These adapters are ingeniously designed to fit almost every TV or monitor. They expand or adjust to cater to the unique hole patterns of your device and, on the flip side, feature a standard VESA mounting pattern. This allows you to use standard VESA mounts or stands, providing you with the versatility to choose from a wider range of mounting solutions.

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Custom-made Solutions
There are businesses that provide tailor-made mounting systems specifically for certain TV and monitor brands and models lacking standard VESA patterns. This can be an excellent approach if you’re apprehensive about adapting on your own and are willing to invest slightly more for a solution that assures compatibility and security.

Consider a Stand or Pedestal
If wall or desk mounting isn’t an absolute requirement, employing a stand or pedestal might be a fitting alternative. These options do not necessitate VESA compatibility but still grant an elevated or tilted position for your TV or monitor, ensuring an optimal viewing angle and experience.

Future Purchases
As you consider a new TV or monitor in the future, it’s beneficial to verify its VESA compatibility before finalizing your purchase. This proactive measure ensures smoother mounting in the future and avails you of a plethora of mounting options, making the installation process more straightforward.

Although VESA has emerged as the standard in the realm of TV and monitor mountings, a device devoid of VESA holes doesn’t leave you stranded. Be it a versatile VESA adapter, a custom-made solution, or a simple stand, there are multiple avenues to mount your device and savor an impeccable viewing experience. The key takeaway? Regardless of the solution you opt for, always prioritize the secure and firm affixation of your device. Safety first!

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