VESA 100×100

Wall Mount TV with 100x100 VESA Mount

One of the most common VESA sizes is the VESA 100×100 format. Also known as VESA 100. On this page you will learn everything you need to know about this pattern, what it is most commonly used for and which are the best you can find on the market right now.

What is VESA 100×100?

VESA 100×100 is nothing more, nothing less, than a VESA size where the mounting holes are 100 millimeters apart. For example, if you have a TV with a VESA 100 pattern, the mounting holes on the back of your device are 100 millimeters apart. Many manufacturers of TVs, Signage Displays, but also overhead projectors, for example, use the VESA size in their production process.

The benefits of a VESA 100×100 Mount

Flexibility: The VESA 100×100 standard is a commonly adopted mounting pattern. Because of this, a diverse range of mount types and fixtures are designed to be compatible with it. Whether you’re in search of a stationary mount, an adjustable tilt option, or a dynamic full-range motion setup, there’s likely a solution tailored to your specifications.
Efficiency in Space: Affixing your screen to the wall can liberate crucial counter or ground area, contributing to a more spacious and airy ambiance in your workspace or home.
Comfort: Properly positioning your screen on the wall, considering optimal height and viewing distance, can lead to better physical posture and decreased visual fatigue. This becomes crucial for those who engage with their screens for prolonged durations.
Visual Appeal: Securing your screen on the wall can bestow a contemporary and refined vibe upon your space, enhancing the overall tidiness and streamlined look. All things considered, the VESA 100×100 mounting pattern presents a multitude of advantages that can elevate the utility, ease, and aesthetic value of your professional or personal space.

What are they used for?

VESA brackets come in all shapes and sizes. The VESA 100 pattern is one of the smaller ones out there. With these brackets you can easily hang smaller televisions. This type is often well suited for devices up to 35 inches. In practice, these brackets are also very often used for computer monitors and small signage displays, for example for room booking purposes. You have different types of mounts in this format, such as full motion mounts that can tilt and rotate. But there are also static wall mounts with which you can hang your television on the wall.

Buying a VESA 100×100 Mount

Are you looking for such a bracket? Then you have come to the right place. We understand that it is difficult to find the right bracket for your situation. That is why we hand-picked the most used and best-reviewed VESA 100 Mounts out there.

Mounting Dream’s Full Motion Monitor 100×100 Mount

Mounting Dream 100x100 VESA Mount

Movement Type: Rotate, Swivel, Tilt, Articulating
Maximum Compatible Size: 26 Inches
Minimum Compatible Size: 10 Inches
Compatible Devices: Monitors, Televisions
Maximum Tilt Angle: 15 Degrees
VESA Pattern: 100×100