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Looking for a mount for your TV? On this page you will find all information about TV Mounts.
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VESA Wall Mount TV

What are TV Mounts

TV mounts are brackets or holders used to mount a television on the wall. This can be useful if, for example, you want to create more space in your home, or if you want to install the television at a certain height for an optimal viewing experience. They come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different needs. Many are also able to tilt or swivel, allowing you to create the perfect viewing angle.

Understanding the TV Mount

TV mounts, commonly referred to as brackets or holders, serve the essential purpose of affixing a television securely to the wall. These mounts come in handy for multiple reasons:

  • Space Management: Particularly in rooms with limited floor area, mounting a TV can reclaim valuable space that might have been occupied by bulky furniture.
  • Elevated Installation: It’s often more comfortable and ergonomic to watch a television set up at eye level, especially in large living spaces. This eliminates the need to strain the neck or eyes, enhancing the viewing experience.
  • Diverse Options: TV mounts come in an assortment of styles, each catering to specific needs. Whether you need a fixed position or the flexibility to tilt and swivel, there’s likely a mount that’s just right for you.

Selecting the Perfect Mount for Your TV

TV mounts come in multiple varieties, tailored for different spaces and viewing requirements:

  • Wall Brackets: These are the most straightforward type, ensuring the TV sits flush against the wall for a minimalist look.
  • Swivel Brackets: Offering dynamic adjustments, these brackets can tilt or turn the TV, providing flexible viewing angles.
  • Corner Brackets: Specifically designed for corner installations, they’re perfect for rooms where space utilization is vital.
  • Tabletop Mounts: These are meant for those who prefer their TVs on a table or cabinet but want the added stability of a mount.

Choosing the Right TV Mount for Your Screen Size

Selecting the right mount for your TV ensures optimal viewing and safety. As TVs vary in size, so do their mount specifications. Dive into our breakdown below:

  • 32 inch: Smaller screens like the 32 inch usually come with a more compact VESA pattern, designed for lighter weights and easy installation.
  • 43 inch: As screens get larger, the 43 inch TV mounts often feature a slightly broader pattern, accommodating the moderately increased weight.
  • 55 inch: 55 inch TVs typically require more robust mounts due to their size and weight. Their pattern is broader, ensuring stability and safety.
  • 70 inch For expansive screens like the 70 inch, the mounts are built to sustain significant weights and have the broadest patterns, reflecting the screen’s size.

Things to consider when it comes to TV Mounts

As you venture into the realm of TV mounts, it’s not just about picking the first option that catches your eye. This chapter delves into the nuances, laying out the key considerations that will guide you to make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs and environment. From understanding the weight capacity to aesthetic appeal and installation ease, “Things to Consider” is your comprehensive roadmap to navigating the intricacies of TV mounting solutions. Dive in and equip yourself with the knowledge to make the right choice.

  • Safety, Durability, and the Importance of the Right TV Mount: When selecting the ideal TV mount, not only is its functionality pivotal, but its safety and durability are paramount. Investing is essentially protecting your cherished television set from potential damage. It’s worth noting that the right TV mount can significantly extend the lifespan of your TV by ensuring it’s securely affixed.
  • Stylish and Functional TV Mount Options: In the realm of interior design, the TV mount has evolved to become a fusion of style and function. Today’s TV mounts are crafted to merge flawlessly with modern home aesthetics. Their streamlined designs, coupled with concealed fittings or cords, amplify the elegance of any room. A strategically chosen TV mount not only elevates the viewing angle but also accentuates the room’s décor.
  • Effortless Installation: Mounting a TV may appear intimidating to some, but the items available today prioritize user convenience. Many come equipped with intuitive installation guides, meticulously labeled components, and supplementary online tutorial videos. While setting up a TV mount is increasingly DIY-friendly, consulting professionals is advisable for those seeking perfection in installation.
  • Versatility of TV Mount Choices: No matter the size of your screen, from the compact 32-inch models to the expansive 65-inch cinematic displays, there’s a TV mount tailored to your requirements. Check for instance for the VESA Pattern of your TV. There are many options available, such as VESA 100×100 or VESA 200×200 or event 400×400 for super heavy TVs. And as home designs continue to evolve, several TV mounts have embraced modularity, facilitating future alterations or enhancements without necessitating a full replacement.

Buying a TV Mount

At we love to give advice on what mounts you should or should not buy. We have come up with three TV Mounts suited for three different screen sizes. We believe these are among the best out there, at a very reasonable price. The three models mentioned below have been reviewed positively thousands of times. And best thing is, they only cost up to $30!

Mounting Dream’s Full Motion TV Wall Mount – Max VESA Pattern = 600×400

Material: Metal
Maximum Supported Size: up to 70 Inches
Color: Black
Minimum Compatible Size: 37 Inches
Compatible Devices: Monitors, Televisions
Maximum Tilt Angle: 8 Degrees
VESA Pattern: 200×100 up to 600×400

Mounting Dream’s Full Motion TV Wall Mount – Max VESA Pattern = 400×400

Material: Alloy Steel
Maximum Supported size: up to 55 Inches
Color: Black
Minimum Compatible Size: 26 Inches
Compatible Devices: Televisions
Maximum Tilt Angle: 15 Degrees
Wall Type: Wood Stud & Concrete/Brick
VESA Pattern: 75×75 up to 400×400

Everstone’s Full Motion TV Wall Mount – Max VESA Pattern = 200×200

Material: Alloy Steel
Maximimum Supported Size: 45 Inches
Color: Black
Minimum Compatible Size: 32 Inches
Compatible Devices: Televisions
Maximum Tilt Angle: 15 Degrees
VESA Pattern: 75×75 up to 200×200

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