How do I know if my monitor is VESA compatible?

In general, there are three easy ways to find out if your monitor is VESA compatible.

#1 Check on the back
Firstly, check the back of your monitor for four screw holes arranged in a square or rectangular pattern; this is the VESA mount point.

#2 Check the manual
Refer to your monitor’s user manual; it should indicate whether your monitor is VESA compatible and detail its specific VESA size.

#3 Contact the manufacturer
Alternatively, you can visit the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer service for this information. If there’s a product listing for your specific monitor model, it often includes details on VESA compatibility.

We hope that this post will help you finding out if your monitor is VESA compatible. If not, make sure to reach out. We love to help. Are you looking for a VESA Mount for your monitor? We have got you covered

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